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Greetings and welcome to Laingsburg Community Schools website. A website cannot convey everything a parent wants to know about our school system so after looking over these web pages please don't hesitate to call any of our buildings for a personal tour or call me, Matt Shastal, Superintendent of Schools, at (517) 651-2705.

For currently enrolled students and their families I encourage you to explore our website. It contains ever-changing information about all our activities, programs, and events. If you need a form, chances are it is here on the website and it may even be in a format that permits you to fill it in and sent it to us electronically. In addition to our website, we provide other information sources for parents such as the Informer newspaper that is circulated to almost 4,000 homes each month of the school year, regular newsletters from each school, notification of student absences daily by phone, Power School on-line telling parents how a student is progressing in every class day-to-day, our electronic signs in front of schools carry reminders for all and the Honeywell Instant Alert notification system will call homes, cell, email, and text for late breaking notifications such as snow days and parent teacher conferences.

Where We Are

The city of Laingsburg characterizes itself as "Where the City and Country Meet" and we find that is also a good descriptor of how our school system can be viewed. For many years our watch phrase has been "Progressively Traditional Education" meaning we strive to balance the modern with the tried and true in education. We are located 7 miles north of Exit 98 on I-69 north and east of East Lansing in a rural setting featuring 3 lake communities, Lake Victoria, Round Lake, and Scenic Lake, the Looking Glass River, Laingsburg itself, and numerous country homes with acreage. These rural/suburban lifestyles show up in our schools' atmosphere. They are safe, friendly, cooperative, and wholesome places for children to grow and learn. The school system is a point of pride for our community.

Who We Are

If you are a new visitor to our school district there are many things I would like you to take from this visit. Most important for you to know is our focus on complete student growth.

We concern ourselves with more than just test scores (ours are historically good year after year) and State Report Cards (we received all A's). We also focus on the physical growth and care of our students at all grade levels, the emotional growth of our students knowing they all develop at different rates and on different schedules, and provide many opportunities for their social growth by offering a variety of curricular, athletic, and extra-curricular experiences. One of our noteworthy student growth opportunities is a 3 week European exchange program. We are the oldest continuous foreign exchange program for high schools in the U.S. with our entire program organized in-house.

Physical safety is always our concern. To that end Laingsburg Community Schools will bus your student from home to school and back home anywhere in our district. Our school buildings are safe, healthy, orderly, and civil. Laingsburg Community Schools is a safe and nurturing environment for kids in all grades.

Opportunities for student participation in a small school district abound. They include extracurricular activities, clubs, leadership opportunities, technology, yearbook publication, newspaper reporting, TV and video broadcasting, athletics, drama, Science Olympiad, Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA), FFA, field trips, band activities, and many more including the oldest continuous overseas exchange program in the U.S. Many of our students earn local, state, and national awards in these competitions while developing their skills and leadership abilities.

What We Offer

We offer a partnership relationship with parents and students. It takes us all working together in order for students to achieve at their maximum potential. If our schools can be characterized in a paragraph it would be; We offer caring and supportive schools with great opportunities for students featuring high levels of technology as an everyday part of a rigorous curriculum. Every school district attempts to focus on its strengths. Some districts are stronger in athletics, some in extracurricular, and some in specific academic subjects. Laingsburg Community Schools specializes in a well rounded education and life experience. While we have won numerous awards over the years such as the Governor's Cup Award for MEAP performance (twice), The Golden Apple Award for elementary MEAP performance, A Top 100 values in Education recognition by Fortune Magazine, and the top school in Shiawassee County on the State's Top to Bottom List. We are prouder yet of the frequency and regularity with which we turn out balanced students who become educated, productive, and well adjusted graduates and who go on to successful careers and lives in all walks of life.

We take our role as your community school system very seriously.

On behalf of the entire LCS staff and faculty, Matt Shastal, Superintendent of Schools